Anne’s Approach

I work with clients of all ages and at any stage of life, from birth, couples planning a pregnancy, pregnancy and old age and everyone in between.

Usually people come to find a way to sort out persistent symptoms. The range of symptoms each person has varies enormously and includes physical and emotional problems.  Many of my clients have tried medical and other therapies before coming to see me because they have not yet seen improvement. Others come to see me as a first option to find out how to improve their health and wellbeing.

My combination of therapies (herbal medicine, naturopathy, energy balancing and thetahealing) allows me to find out what causes (in complementary medicine terms), lie behind your own range of symptoms, what treatments suit you and your lifestyle, and how to treat you as an individual. Sometimes it only takes two or three sessions to get rid of even persistent problems. Most people need about six appointments to get to this stage. Some people like to continue for many sessions because they achieve whole new levels of discovery and realize they are making significant changes to so many aspects of their lives.

I have had clients who came to see me because they know they had to do something about their health but were not sure what sort of therapy to try. One such client held a senior position in a multinational engineering company and came to me not because he believed in my approach to health, but just because he was so desperate for help. He was an experienced public speaker, enjoyed it and trained others successfully in it for years but since a bereavement coinciding with a difficult situation at work, he had had severe panic attacks ‘on the podium’ in front of hundreds of peers and international senior colleagues. He found himself trying to avoid participating in this important side of the business although it was essential to his role. He felt he could not go to anyone at work that could understand, let alone help. Having received some NAET and ThetaHealing at my clinic, his life soon started to change radically. For the first time in years, and for the first time at this company, he started to enjoy work and he continues to do so. He says the work has not changed, if anything it is becoming more pressurized and intense, but now he is able to meet the challenge of public speaking again, everything is falling in to place and he is moving from strength to strength. His success has extended to his social life as well.

The severity and profile of symptoms varies from person to person, and so does the effects of each treatment. Some people feel more tired for a day or so after treatments, others are energized. Most can just ‘move on’ straight away. It is always amazing to see what people achieve. I can get to the root of people’s troubles with minimal distress and maximum safety and comfort, and help people find ways treat their issues successfully.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you improve your health and your life and teaching you how to maintain this long term. You can contact me by clicking on the ‘Contact Anne’ link in the menu above or by leaving a voicemail on 07967767594 or writing me an e-mail at ‘’ .