About Anne Samuel

Anne gained her B.Sc. in Psychology from Birkbeck College, London University in 1989.  She began the Psychology course while administrator of The Department of Applied Linguistics there.  She went on to complete her M.Sc. in Health Psychology part-time at London University while working as a Research Psychologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  She continued as a Research Psychologist on projects for the Department of Health and National Health Service at The Royal College of Psychiatrists.  In the last years at that post, she gained her Naturopathy Diploma part-time and continued her studies full-time to specialise in Herbal Medicine gaining her Diploma in 2003.

in 2000, Anne began her health practice as a Reflexologist while training to become a Naturopath specialising in herbal medicine graduating from CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine, London www.naturopathy-uk.com) in 2003. As a Naturopath-Herbalist she added NAET energy balancing for intolerances and sensitivities, JMT for osteoarthritis and general systems balancing and ThetaHealing for adjusting limiting beliefs. Together these therapies provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to rebalance the body to improve clients’ ability to tolerate and desensitise from problem foods, environmental or emotional issues.