NAET® is based on the belief that intolerances or sensitivities to one or more substances, cause ‘blockages’ in the meridians (energy pathways). These disrupt the normal flow of energy (qi / prana) through the body causing ‘imbalances’ or interference in the body’s communication system, rebalanced using NAET®.

What is NAET®?

NAET® is a technique developed by Dr Devi Nambudripad a Registered Nurse, who studied acupuncture and completed her PhD in oriental medicine, qualified as a chiropractor (D.C.) and a kinesiologist and is now Doctor of Medicine (MD).  NAET® came about due to Dr Nambudripad’s need to allay her own severe and multiple allergic reactions just in order to extend her diet from water and raisins and be able to leave the house and function.  NAET® is a combination of various techniques she had learned in her studies which, put together, she found to allay her reactions.  Nowadays it is practiced by over 10,000 practitioners worldwide.  While there are no drugs or supplementation of any kind required for the technique, using NAET® means that if there is a deficiency of any nutrient, the body can balance to assimilate and digest what it previously had been unable to.  So after NAET®, in some cases, there is no longer a deficiency of that nutrient and in others, where supplementation of the nutrient is needed, it can now benefit the health of the client rather than stress it further.

What happens in a NAET® session?

NAET® testing technique involves the client holding a vial containing a computer-generated copy of the magnetic field of a substance while the practitioner tests whether this is tolerated by the client using muscle response testing or dowsing.  Initially essential nutrient groups are tested, progressing through food groups to individual foods and environmental factors.

Where a substance is not tolerated, it is treated. The treatment involves massaging acupressure on points either side of the spine which is a pleasant and easily-learned process, and like the testing technique, used in various modalities.  It is safe to be practiced at home for follow-up treatments by clients.  At the end of the treatment is time for the client to fully relax when the body starts the process of sending the information from the hand circulating the meridians initiated by massage of various ‘gate’ points – again acupressure points which the client learns to use at home.

The number of appointments needed to address health issues varies enormously from person to person.  If your problems are due solely to an inability to absorb, metabolize, assimilate, digest proteins and that is the only problem, that could be cleared after the second appointment.  In theory there could be multiple, complicated health issues that do not come up as any single medical diagnosis but altering the ability to deal with proteins was at the core to all the symptoms so the symptoms desist.  Most people are not in this ‘lucky’ situation, but session by session, they build up their immunity and tolerance.  Health problems are resolved at the individual’s own pace, so that even if a client decides to stop NAET® before their presenting symptoms have gone, they will have built up a better foundation for recovery at each NAET session they had.

Preparation for NAET® appointments

Before coming to the clinic for NAET® treatment, it is important to have showered or bathed and to have eaten that day.  It is best not to wear any perfumed products and jewellery and to remember your shoes will need to be removed and that you are likely to be lying on a couch during NAET® so you will be more comfortable in flexible clothing.

Disclaimer: None of this information is intended as medical advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultation with your doctor who is familiar with your medical needs


I cannot wait to tell the world about the wonderful work of Anne Samuel and the miraculous Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique which she has so skilfully applied to me. A combination which has been so successful in treating my multiple problems and rapidly diminishing diet, that I have no hesitation in referring to her as an angel and NAET® as a kingdom of heaven.

Until 16 years ago, I lived an active and healthy life always able to eat anything. Then, after working with extra dangerous pesticides, I suddenly developed intolerance to many foods plus problems with my eyes, throat, heart, stomach, skin and later my blood. My spleen has since become so shrunken that I am treated as having ‘no functioning spleen’ whilst extensive blood tests and biopsies have failed to find a reason.

Original blood tests showed me to be intolerant to:- yeast, cane sugar, coffee, chocolate, curry, chilli, black pepper, sunflower, sesame, runner beans, Brazil nuts, pineapple, peaches and raspberries. These have remained constant throughout the years.

More recently, I had also become intolerant to wheat, gluten, dairy products, smoked and cured foods, spices, cashew nuts and all fruit, whether fresh, canned or dried.

I was running out of foods and liquids suitable to eat and drink. With the exception of fresh meat, fish, vegetables and eggs, the entire stocks of supermarkets were harmful to me. Even the alternative foods made specifically for special diets as free from, gluten, yeast, dairy, etc, contained ingredients to which I was intolerant such as sunflower, sesame, cane sugar, chocolate and fruits. Very frustrating to find something as simple as rice milk contained sunflower and the one exception, Soya milk, conflicted with my medication.

Then I was told about NAET® and directed to its most qualified Practitioner in the district, Anne Samuel. My lucky day and one that quickly transformed my prospects and quality of life far beyond what I had ever considered possible.

With kinesiology tests Anne rapidly diagnosed my blockages of calcium, vitamin C, minerals, sugars, yeasts and nightshades and then went on to treat them one at a time in successive sessions. Sugars were reluctant to respond, requiring two sessions for all except glucose, which required a third. Yeast, one of the most volatile and long-standing troublemakers, required only two sessions before yielding to Anne’s efforts to change.

After only six sessions, I was relishing the taste of fruit again with apples, pears, bananas, blackcurrants and blueberries successfully restored to my life. Other favourites quickly followed allowing me to eat any variety I wished, including the original outcasts, pineapple, peaches and raspberries. The clearance of yeast marked another huge victory, making a vast array of forbidden products now available to me, including my favourite glass of red wine.

From a downward spiral into the dark confines of intolerant and diminishing foods, Anne has suddenly reversed the trend and elevated me back into a bright new world where free and ample choice is the daily norm. There are added bonuses too. My body is at peace enjoying freedom from soreness and discomfort, whilst maintaining a more stable heart rhythm and a reduction in my cardiac medication by 25%. Triumph indeed.

As progress continues by overcoming more ingredients of my widespread intolerance still further at each session, I am in awe of the skills and techniques that have brought this speedy success. I find it remarkable that most of these outstanding results have been accomplished in a one-hour session, rather than taking weeks, months or even years to achieve. It is a fascinating and life-changing period for me during which time I have experienced only comfort and ease.

There have been no hidden extras for me to provide. All I have contributed are the standard fees, my time and a very open mind.

I now add my lifelong gratitude to Anne Samuel and NAET®

Alan Hill,
U.K. April 2009

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