ThetaHealing® is a simple, quick and effective healing therapy to help you find and release whatever holds you back in your life practiced by thousands of practitioners worldwide, mainly in Japan, Britain, Italy, France, Germany and USA.

ThetaHealing® was developed by Vianna Stibal, a Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Intuitive Reader who started using her way of ‘praying’ within her practice as it had been so effective in her own life.  The success she had with her approach meant that clients wanted to learn it so she formulated her process so that anyone can learn it.

Curious to understand why her technique was working, Vianna worked with a physicist, using an electrocephalograph to measure the brain’s activity and found she was using theta brain waves while doing this healing work, hence the name ThetaHealing®.

What is ThetaHealing®?

The therapist acts as an facilitator and observer, helping you reveal underlying beliefs which hold you back, and transform these into positives to enhance your life and wellbeing, using the energy or power of prayer / the Universe / Source / Creator / your High/Higher Self.  There is no requirement for any (specific) religious belief or ‘alternative’ belief for this to work or for you to learn and work this way yourself.

When you are ill or held back, perhaps in relationships or at work, you want to be well and to move forward, but if this isn’t happening for you, it may be that on some level you are not conscious or aware of’, you believe you cannot recover, or you need a change of attitude or belief to do so.  Accessing your subconscious mind to find and release what holds you back allows you to change things around and move on.

Any negative belief or set of beliefs can be altered this way giving you positive beliefs and attitudes and techniques to help move you forward with your life more positively.  It can be such a huge relief to unburden and declutter yourself and let go what you no longer need.  Like the concept of ‘forgiving and forgetting’, it is about moving on from the pain or fear or distress of past events.  It does not mean that you consciously forget, the past is not changed, but your feelings about the past and what rules your life can be set aside to allow you to move forward.  It is amazing how changing your own feelings and attitudes has a beneficial knock-on effect on the people around you.  People find that relationships that were difficult for them can change due solely to their own change of approach.  This also includes e.g. relationships with food and environmental issues.

What to expect at your consultation

If we are using any of the other modalities I work with, we may add in a ThetaHealing® to the session as appropriate.  Otherwise, the whole hour or two hours can be given to ThetaHealing®.  The clients sits facing the therapist, or lies down if that is more comfortable and the session begins by demonstrating Muscle Response Testing (aka ‘diagnostic kinesiology ‘) to clarify what is true and not true for you subconsciously.  This testing technique is widely used by people in everyday life and is not part of the healing / treatment, it is there to demonstrate whether changes have occurred or not.  The results of the testing may be different from what you consciously believe but the subconscious is more in control of running the day-to-day processes in your life so, getting in to the theta brainwave allows us to access the subconscious mind and ensure that its programs serve you well.  We then identify what you would most like to move on from in your life. You are simply encouraged to relax, remaining seated or lying down as you prefer, with your eyes closed and ready to make statements or answer questions as they may arise.

The idea is to deal with these instantaneously, not to dwell on upsetting issues.  The technique is easy to learn and helps identify your issues and what underpins them in order to release what is not serving you and replace with what does.  At every step, you are asked  permission so that you remain constantly in control of the process.  No change can be made without your acknowledgement and agreement.  In fact, if the client does not want the treatment, but has actually said ‘yes’ in error, there will be no change.

Distance Healing

ThetaHealing® can be carried out over the phone. The client can be taught easy Muscle Response Testing methods and by discussion, and permission given, health issues and limiting beliefs can be identified and treated in the usual way.

If you wish to use this option, there are PayPal, facilities at the bottom of this page. Payment is £70 in advance.  You can make an appointment with me and confirm it with a payment, or you can transfer the money to my account over the internet when we have arranged a time.

Who is ThetaHealing suitable for?

Physical and emotional healing may be given to anyone of any age. However, core beliefs are not established in younger children so are not investigated or treated in childhood.

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12/12/12  Hi Anne, it’s a long time since I last had an appointment and i have been loads better …. Many thanks B.N.R. (phone client)

20/03/10 Dearest Anne, Thank you very, very much for your treatment. It is unbelievable!!! After that Saturday I feel I’m a different person from the previous week … I am so excited about this change ….Yuki Takeuchi”

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