What happens when I book an appointment

Initially, I ask people coming for appointments to complete two forms about themselves (or for whoever is coming to see me)  ‘on screen’ and e-mail them back before our first consultation to save some case-taking time at the initial appointment.

  • One form is a symptom checklist to give me an idea of what is involved in your case and to assess progress at a later date.
  • The other form asks for information required by law and/or for information best answered at home where information can be looked up, such as ‘What is the name and address of your GP’? or ‘What vaccinations have you had?’

Due to configuration issues, form-phobia or time constraints, some people do not manage this, and that’s OK, it’s just that completing the forms is very helpful for my preparation and saving time at the first appointment.

I offer a 90 minutes to 2 hour initial appointments at a discount so that we can establish a complete picture for further appointments if necessary. Your first appointment can be a single hour if that is all your schedule permits.  It is also one hour for young children.

At the first appointment, we discuss your symptoms and your ‘case history’ including your current diet: how that may be impacting on your current health issues and how to adapt it without asking the impossible.  I may employ diagnostic techniques such as iridology, nail or tongue diagnosis to look at the nature of your symptoms.  The testing I use most is muscle response testing from kinesiology, or dowsing.  At this appointment, we also check, using the NAET® technique, whether you have intolerances or sensitivities to any major nutrients, and I give you a treatment for balancing / integrating your mind-body’s energies which is the essential foundation for further NAET® treatment but also in itself, a useful energy balancer for those coming for just the one appointment.  Having this initial treatment also means you know what to expect if we continue with NAET® though after future appointments, you will have a period of avoidance of foods/nutrients we have just treated for up to 40 hours.

If I prescribe herbs, supplements or flower remedies, the ingredients and recommended daily doses are given on the bottle. I bring these in for you or have them posted to a convenient address for you so there is no guess-work or leg-work.

Further appointments are up to an hour and are usually weekly.  I use the same diagnostic techniques to check on progress as well as what you have to say about your experiences since the last meeting.  We also check how your herbal formula / supplements are suiting you as you progress and consider whether you need any more, and whether it should be more of the same, or different this time.

At each appointment, we may fix an appropriate time for you next time, or arrange for you to tell me when is good for you by e-mail.  While it is excellent to commit to regular (say weekly) appointments for NAET®, if it is better for your timetable to start with daily or conversely monthly appointment, you will not be compromising your treatment.   If NAET® is not involved in your treatment, then appointments are bi-weekly or monthly usually, depending on what is appropriate for your situation.

All my therapies are carried out fully-clothed (except that shoes, bracelets and necklaces are removed) and treatment is non-invasive.  You may be lying on a couch or sitting comfortably.  The NAET® treatment involves using acupressure points on your back so it is a good idea to wear soft or smooth comfortable clothing if possible, without a belt.

One person is seen at a time in the treatment room unless the client is coming for NAET® is vulnerable to an anaphylactic reaction, is an invalid, child or baby when there will be a carer or parent with the client.


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